This is the annual Future Urban Mobility Symposium, organized by the Future Urban Mobility (FM) IRG of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Center. The two-day Symposium, featuring contributions from researchers at SMART, MIT, NTU, NUS, and SMU, among others, will give an up-to-date account on research on a variety of topics relevant to urban mobility, ranging from modeling and optimization to the development of technological capabilities in mobile communications, big data and smart vehicles.

Several posters were presented by PhD Candidate Yinjin Lee, and Dr. Edgar Blanco.

Freight Establishment Survey Design, Yin Jin Lee, Lisa d’Ambrosio, Edgar Blanco & Christopher Zegras

Urban Freight in Future Mobility, Carlos L. Azevedo, Fang Zhao, Jorge Santos, Joel S.E. Teo , Kakali Basak , Yinjin Lee, Giacomo D. Chiara, Aman Verma, Vittorio Marzano, Lynette Cheah, Ngai-Man Cheung, Chris Zegras, Edgar Blanco, Moshe E. Ben Akiva.